Yoga Classes

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a new student, you will be welcomed with open arms to any of our classes.

Take AWAKE 101 and earn 5 extra days on your new student 2 week trial!

Our classes focus on all layers of the body: physical, mental & energetic so that you can strengthen and open your body, relax your mind, calm your nervous system and relieve stress.



Sattva Yoga

Sattva is a of a kind experience that combines the elements of  asana (physical poses), pranayama (breath), and Himalayan Kriya (repetitive movements, breath or sound) to create an energetic shift in the mind, body and spirit. Every class is unique depending on the teacher, music and theme. Learn more about Sattva Yoga.


Kundalini is a powerful class that uses mantra (sound vibration), breath and kriya (repetivive breath, movement or sound) to shift consciousness and Awaken the Unlimited Self. Learn more about Kundalini.



In this class you will be guided through a vinyasa flow, linking physical movements with breath to build internal heat. This intention of this class is to challenge you, empower you and give you the confidence to live your life AWAKE.

GENtle Flow

This class is designed to be a more relaxed, slow and gentle flow, leaving you very grounded. With slower movements and staying low to the ground, this class creates the space for you to get into the physical body at a slower pace. 



These classes are meant for deepening into and opening to the relationship of the body and mind. You will go deep into the fascia (connective) tissue through out your body while being encourage to explore your inner world. The purpose is to practice this relationship with deep relaxation.


This class is taught by our teacher training students and graduates. It is an opportunity for them to teach and an opportunity for you to come practice on us!


Kids and teens are welcome in adult classes if they have the maturity to engage in the class.

Kids Yoga: Ages 3-11

Once a Month Special Offerings:

1st Friday of the MOnth: Yoga Nidra with Heather Willis

2nd Friday of the Month: Freedom Dance FloW With Becky Hobgood

3rd Friday of the month: Sound Healing with crystal bowls

1st Sunday of the month: Satsang- free offering

NO Heat?  

Classes will be at room temperature. At AWAKE we teach students how to build energy and access their own inner fire, using movement and breath.  *If it is cold outside we will warm the room a bit, so you won't be walking into a cold room. 

Questions about where to begin?Reach out to us at