Yoga Classes

Align to your brilliance through the full practice of yoga!

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a new student, you will be welcomed with open arms to any of our classes.  Our focus is not to change you, "fix" you or make you different. Rather, we meet you where you are and give you the tools and space to awaken to and discover your best, most radiant self! 


Transcend your mind, open your heart, release stuck energy and access your inner radiance with our signature class. 

Sattva Yoga is an integrative practice that connects the elements of  asana, pranayama, kundalini and tantra kriyas from the Himalayas, mantra, laya, freedom movement and meditation to create a deep experience of healing.  This practice is a wonderful way to stabilize the nervous system, balance the brain and awaken dormant energy, so that you can better access your intuition and inner wisdom. Every class is unique and set to music and a theme. From the beginner to the seasoned practitioner it provides a complete and powerful pathway to Self Mastery and a radically alive life. *The Sattva Vinyasa class is combination of vinyasa flow intermixed with kriya.



In this class you will be guided through a vinyasa flow, linking movement with breath to build internal heat. Depending on the teacher, it can be fast-paced or slower, with more time to fully experience the pose in your body. This intention of this class is to challenge you, empower you and give you the confidence to live your life AWAKE.


GENtle Flow

This class is designed to be a more relaxed, slow and gentle flow, leaving you very grounded. With slower movements and staying low to the ground, this class creates the space for you to deeply relax and restore


This style of class is meant for deepening into and opening to the relationship of the body and mind. You will go deep into the fascia (connective) tissue through out your body while being encourage to explore your inner world. The purpose is to practice this relationship with deep relaxation.


A great place for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. The teacher will spend more time explaining poses and assisting students in finding the shapes in their individual bodies. This class is a great place to ask questions. 



The objective is to awaken the full potential of human awareness in each individual: to recognize our awareness, refine that awareness, and expand that awareness to our unlimited Self. We clear inner duality, create the power to deeply listen, cultivate inner stillness, and prosper to deliver excellence in all that we do. 

The focus of Kundalini Yoga is on one's personal experience and awareness through the practice of kriya and sound.  We awaken the kundalini to be able to call upon the full potential of the nervous and glandular systems and to balance the subtle system of chakras and meridians within the body. "Kriya" is a pattern of movements, sound, pranayama, mudras, concentration and meditation that guide the energies of the body and the mind to a specific result or change in consciousness.


Calm the mind, relax the body and awaken the spirit with meditation.  At AWAKE we are committed to supporting our students in developing and sustaining a meditation practice. 

Our meditations will use breath, mantra or kriya to help you drop into silence and stillness on the level of the mind, body and energy. No experience necessary.  Click here for health benefits.

Kriya Reset

Kriya means “action that leads to liberation and freedom”. In yoga, kriya’s are repetitive movements, mantra and/or breath practices that impact your being on the level of the mind, body and energy. In this 20-30 minute practice you will guided through a Kriya set with a specific focus. For example, there are sets to calm the nervous system, awaken the heart and to ground energy. Click here for the benefits of Kriya (link to benefits page), reach out with questions or just join in a class- the greatest knowing comes from experiencing kriya. No experience necessary.


This class is taught by our teacher training students and graduates. It is an opportunity for them to teach and an opportunity for you to come practice on us!


This class is designed to be fun and creative while teaching little ones how to stretch, breathe, and connect with each other. 

The class is different each time and depends on the energy of the kids. For an energetic, fast-pased class, some things we might do include: making up yoga games, learn new yoga poses, practice partner/acro-yoga and create human mandalas as a group! 

For relaxing, meditative classes some things we might do include: fun breathing techniques, go on yoga journeys, color mandalas and even play with Meddy Teddy!

**Note: Kids and teens are welcome in adult classes if they have the maturity to engage in the class. You know your child best and whether or not they are ready to participate in the practice.

Please reach out to us or ask your teacher if you have any questions.

NO Heat?  

Classes will be at room temperature. At AWAKE we teach students how to build energy and access their own inner fire, using movement and breath.  *If it is cold outside we will warm the room a bit, so you won't be walking into a cold room. 

****WE HAVE CHILDCARE During some classes***

Questions about where to begin? Reach out to us at