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Vinyasa, Chaturanga, and Bandha


The most challenging part of the physical portion vinyasa practice is arguably the chaturanga dandasana movement.


Similar to a push up, it requires a lot of “core” musculature and mulabandha, or pelvic floor. Learn to safely navigate your way through chaturanga in ways that will make you stronger and more aware of your body on physical and subtle levels.

In this workshop, Erica will break down the physical aspects that include the deep and superficial core muscles, as well as the energetic aspects of chaturanga and staff pose, and how to safely jump forward and jump back to help you get the most out of your vinyasa practice.

 Date & Time:

November 2nd @ 10:30 a to 12:00 p


$29 for Future Members

$24 for AWAKE Members

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