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Kriya Initiation

The word Kriya means evolutionary action!

In yoga a kriya is a repetitive breath, movement, and/or mantra that creates a specific energetic effect in the body, mind and spirit. Kriya’s are a powerful tool that yogis have used for thousands of years. These practices are now being validated by the scientific community as a tool for healing disease. Kriya’s reset the nervous system, rewire the brain, and are a gateway to awakening consciousness.

You will learn:

The history of Kriya: where they come from.

The difference between Kundalini Kriya and Sattva Himalayan Kriya

How Kriya’s impact the brain, nervous system and what this means for you.

How Kriya’s can help with depression, addiction, anxiety and trauma

How to use Kriya in your own life

You will learn a Kriya set you can incorporate into your life as a 40 day practice.

If you are a teacher you will learn how to integrate a Kriya or two into your class.

Flow of the day:

7:30-7:50 Meditation
8:00-9:15 Class
9:30 break for breakfast
10:30-2:30 Workshop
2:30-3:30 break
3:30-6 Workshop

10 hours of CE if you are a yoga teacher
(*Also counts toward a 300 hour with AWAKE)

Anjali Love is a psychologist who began praticing Kriya 10 years ago. She took a Kundalini training in India in 2014 with Kia Miller and started teaching Kundalini yoga shortly thereafter. On that trip to India she met Ananad Mehrotra who founded Sattva Yoga. She shifted her focus to learning and teaching Sattva Himalyan Kriya when she did her 300 hour YTT with Anand in 2015. Since that time she has completed 2 Master trainings with him and has traveled to India 6 additional times to study and learn from him. Anjali believes that you shouldn’t teach what you don’t practice so what she will share with you comes not only from “book” knowledge but from her own experience teaching and practicing Kriya. She moved from being a traditional psychologist to teaching yoga Kriya becasue she is a big believer in the healing power of kriya.

Date and Time:

Saturday, December 7th
7:30 am-6:00 pm


$185- Early Bird till 11/1 and AWAKE Members
$230- After 11/1 for Future Members

Earlier Event: December 4
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Later Event: January 1
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