At AWAKE we are committed to creating a safe environment for you to grow!

2 Weeks for $25!

Unlimited Yoga and Meditation Classes! Mat & Towels Included too!

What to bring & What to wear:

Wear comfortable clothing and bare feet so you don’t slip on your mat. 
If you don’t have a mat you can use one of ours during your New Member 2 week Trial.
Water Bottle.

what to expect in class:

We offer a variety of classes where you will see a number of yogic practices including some you may be familiar with like physical postures; and others you may not be familiar with like breath practices, meditation and use of your voice.

“If you want radical change you have to be willing to try something radically different.”

So, we encourage you to come with an open mind and heart and try as many classes and teachers as you can during your 2-week New Member Trial.

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