What's Unique About AWAKE?

We go beyond the physical practice of yoga. Most people are familiar with the asana piece of the yogic practice. At AWAKE we teach the asana, but are also committed to bringing you the additional yogic tools of breath, kriya, mantra, wisdom and meditation to deepen your experience. Check out our class offerings and benefits of the various yogic practices.

Everything is energy. In our classes we work with both the physical body and the subtle body (those things we cannot necessarily see, but what we can feel). As we learn to work with and shift our energy we can calm the mind, impact our emotions and heal the body.

No Heat. We teach students how to build energy and access their inner fire using movement and breath. *If it is cold out we will warm the room so that you won’t be walking into a cold room.

Knowledgable & Compassionate Teachers. Our teachers are experts in the field who continue to practice and study so that they can bring you the best experience possible.

Family Friendly. We offer prenatal, kids yoga, and teen yoga. Childcare for some classes.

AWAKE offers live-streamed meditations.

We teach you how to bring yoga off the mat and into your life with workshops, intensives and trainings.

Community (aka Sangha) is an important part of our studio! It is our priority to support you in your growth on and off the mat. We offer programs to inspire you to come to your mat and are always looking for new ways to create a fun, safe environment.

Sound is a wonderful healing tool and a way to tap into your heart…we offer crystal bowl sound healings and kirtans.

Why the name AWAKE?

Yoga is a practice of AWAKEning to your truth, your heart and your spirit!  

Whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a new student, you will be welcomed with open arms.  Our focus is not to change you, "fix" you or make you different.  Rather, we meet you where you are and give you the tools and space to awaken to and discover your best, most radiant self!