Sharing stories of those living their dharma to inspire and support you in living yours!

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Episode 1: What the awake like is about

What is the AWAKE Life Podcast about? What is Dharma? For us it means living your truth and living what feels “right” for you in your heart!


Episode 2: Monique’s cross country journey

From Real Estate Agent to Yogi and artist who is traveling cross country in a renovated school bus. #offgridliving


Episode 3: Anjali’s journey with making the “wrong” marriage choice

Every decision you make is dharmic. There are no “right” or “wrong” choices because there is always an opportunity to move deeper into your heart and truth.


Episode 4 with yogi bajrang

Yogi Bajrang talks about the path of Karma to Dharma and how he changed his life with meditation.


Episode 5: Competition Sucks!

Competitive feelings come up! It's okay - own them, release them and set yourself free!


Episode 6: Is the Dharmic path just a race to the finish line?

Introducing 5 minute POP-UP-PEP Talks. In this one Anjali shares thoughts on racing to the "finish line" of living a life of Dharma.


Episode 7: Kitty shares her story of how showing up for herself led to gratitude and love for others.

Listen to the end of this episode where Kitty shares a simple interaction she had on a flight with a passenger on her flight turned out to be one of the most impactful and beautiful experiences of her life.


Episode 8- 5 Minute POP-UP-PEP Talk "Don't let shame hold you back

It can feel scary to share from your heart. You may feel vulnerable and maybe even shame, but don't let that hold you back! Keep sharing and letting your passion lead the way. On this clip I share my story of working through shame.


Episode 9: Denise shares how her life "falling apart" led her to the true meaning of dharma

Denise Shaad shares her story of having the "perfect life", yet still feeling unfulfilled. She went through 2 years of not knowing what direction she was going to go in her life - the message she continued to get was to wait. Then one day in her meditation she heard the word "go" and that is when Your Energy Awakening was birthed. A story of trust, patience and finding her true calling.


Episode 10: What is Karma really?

In this 5 minute POP-UP-PEP talk Anjali talks about the difference between living a life of Karma and one of Dharma. She also shares about conditioned patterns and how these patterns can impact us without even realizing it. And ways to break these patterns.


Episode 11: What do you do when thing…

Anjali talks about the importance of deep trust and connecting to your passion when things don't go the way you anticipate. She talks about her recent experience of not having a teacher training fill up and how this  "crisis" birthed The AWAKE Life Podcast. 


Episode 12: Timing is everything!

Anne Marie Brown shares how she transitioned from a corporate job in LA to living in India. Take a listen for inspiration to trust your intuition! As you do magic unfolds.