Hope Habersack

I started practicing yoga when I was a teenager, I did a lot of ballet and it was a great way to cross train. Fast forward to last year and I fell in love with yoga, mind, body and soul. I could feel myself changing physically and mentally, I had teachers that truly changed my life with their teaching and advice. I felt that I was being led to teach, to share the things that I was experiencing with other people. 

I went into a 200 hour teacher training in Power Vinyasa through Corepower in San Mateo. That journey truly changed my life, it changed how I  saw myself and how I saw the rest of the world. I was fascinated not only by what I learned about my physical practice, but what I started to learn about spiritually as well. I was like a sponge for knowledge and I just wanted to learn more and more, the history of yoga, the 8 Limbs, the Chakras, there was so much out there! Today, I am still a sponge, I always want to learn more and expand myself as a person and as a teacher. 

This journey brought me to my meditation practice, and opened my eyes to the possibility of what life can be like when you start to live yoga, not just practice it. When I had the honor to start actually teaching students, I found a new kind of love and peace. Teaching fills my heart, I feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to touch other students lives and have a positive impact on other people. I am humbled and honored to lead you through your practice, let's live yoga together!

Cathy Connors