Trena Suhr


Yoga saved my life! My yoga journey began twenty years ago. In the beginning I was not consistent in my practice. However, I always had the habit of finding my way back to my mat. Especially in times of turmoil. In 2011 and 2012 several life changing traumatic events occurred in my life. This is when I truly began to understand the benefits of my practice and what keeps me showing up for myself daily. My mat has given me the space to understand the importance of allowing myself to fully surrender. To always practice compassion, self love and self care. I’ve come to discover that my happy place is when I’m on my mat. I’m so passionate about this practice and can’t get enough of the teachings. I have taken Cathy Connors 200 hour Vinyasa RYT, Cathy Connors 20 hour Kriya Intensive Training, James Kapicka’s 25 hour Yin RYT and I am currently finishing up my 300 RYT with Cathy Connors. My love for this practice continues to grow. I am so passionate about sharing this practice with others. I want to share the healing benefits that this practice offers with as many people as I possibly can in my lifetime. The world is full of hurting people. It’s time to begin your healing journey today. Don’t put off this amazing love affair with yourself for another second. Make the investment. You are deserving, you are love, you are light! I look forward to seeing you on your mat.

Om Shanti Shanti

Cathy Connors