Sukhbir Kaur Collins


Sukhbir was introduced to Kundalini yoga in 1997 as an aid to help her with panic and anxiety. She found out through a six week series that it had a significant impact on her overall mental health and well being. So convinced of it’s effect she decided to dedicate herself to a teacher training and a trek through Nepal. In 2000 she was certified to become a teacher and since then has owned the first yoga studio in midtown, gone through 2500 hours of training, and recently landed here in El Dorado Hills.

She is excited to bring Kundalini Yoga and it’s powerful results into El Dorado Hills where she knows it can help stabilize people’s nervous systems, introduce proper breathing techniques and help people to feel more comfortable in their own skin.
Sukhbir brings humor and a love for mantra into her teachings. Aside from Yoga, she enjoys owning a restaurant, quality time with her hubby, helping to raise three kids, Bruce Springsteen, animals (especially DOGS), and taking long walks in nature.

Cathy Connors