Robert Wenzler

Yoga has changed my entire life. It has spread its beautiful sunshine into every cell of my body. Helped me re-connect to my soul. My breath. My heart. Yoga is where I found true love, my soulmate, my wife. Yoga has connected me to so many wonderful people all around the world. Yoga has led me to teaching. A passion I do not take lightly. I try to live by example. I try to live each day with an open heart and a big smile. I am far from perfect but yoga has taught me that this life is a practice, and when you fall down,you dust yourself off and get back up. 

Yoga has led me to kirtan. Chanting the names. The vibrational sounds of the Universe. It is my true calling in this life. I am so excited to share this with each one of you. 

Yoga has brought me back home- All that I have ever done,every experienced, every joy, every set back has led me to this very moment. 

Most importantly, yoga has brought me to you. For this, I am so truly grateful. 

Cathy Connors