Erica Ramos


I have taken many paths in life, and all have taken me to spaces that serve and connect with others. I discovered yoga in 2009 at the height of stress and change in my life. My classes are based on more traditional methods and I consider myself a space holder for the students who show up. I have taken trainings in vinyasa, hatha, yin, pre and postnatal and currently am learning from Karen Miscall-Bannon in her 300 hour modules focusing on the subtleties the fascial system and the classical texts of yoga.

I am constantly curious about the body, mind and heart connection. I am a certified personal trainer and massage therapist, and continue to take trainings in various fitness formats as well as yoga and integrate what resonates with me in each of my classes with respect to the students who show up. I invite every student who steps into my classes to explore their inner guide and intuition and know that they are their own teacher. I love to blend pranayama, bandhas and asanas with functional movements, chanting and meditation in slower, intentional, challenging classes. I have always believed that yoga is for everyBODY and all are welcome to explore themselves with no judgement. For me, yoga is about connecting to our own intuition and subtle energies and greeting what we find with peace, love and acceptance.

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