Sheree Grace

“My first introduction to yoga was through the practice of Bikram yoga. I was a part of a wonderful community in south Florida for many years. I found a great respect for the Yogic tradition and decided to explore all limbs of yoga at that point.” SG

Years later, Sheree Grace is a RYT that shares her love and passion with her students for yoga. Sheree has unearthed a deep connection with Kriya Yoga, in particular, which has and continues to change her life. Along with teaching yoga, she also is a Certified Professional Coach that specializes in personal development. During her 15 year career Sheree has worked with several modalities and while yoga has always been the foundational piece to her personal life it wasn’t always that way in her professional one. After several years of experience working with people facing lifelong challenges as well as other transitional periods, she is clear that her message is best shared through the vessel of yoga. Human transformation has been around for years and it is Sheree Grace’s vision to bring awareness and actualization to individuals through the practice of yoga.

And So It Is

Cathy Connors