Gina Sandigo

My yoga journey started after a running injury and wanted to heal my body. After my first vinyasa class I was hooked. Because I loved yoga so much, I signed up for an assisting workshop.
I assisted two times a week for three years. My body healed, but more importantly the reflection of myself. I was seeing things differently patience was showing up, grace that was not there shined through like the sun after a storm. Before yoga I thought my life was fine—my faith my relationship with God, but I was wrong. I wasn’t participating with all of me, I was just getting it done, everything. My practice became a prayer an offering of surrender. I welcomed child’s pose as often as a needed, which symbolized submission to my strong-willed spirit. I eventually signed up for TT and my journey completely changed. It wasn’t the asana that changed me it was meditation, things became so clear for me. I struggled with stillness at first, but then with practice & lots grace, my heart and spirit opened—flourishing into the real ME.

I knew that I wanted to share hope, teach, inspire, create space and personal growth for others to return HOME to what is real. To participate in a beautiful journey so we leave behind a legacy for others.

My wish:

Cathy Connors