Becky Hobgood

Becky Hobgood is a newly retired dance Educator of 34 years…from Elk Grove Unified School District.   A person who was blessed with the opportunity to” Love what I do...Do what I love…” to live and share her passion; and to watch dance provide the spark for passion, drive, determination, with in her students that allowed them to go out into this world and find their place; and help make this world be a little brighter.   

During her career;  she was able to start dance programs In two different high schools; watch Elk Grove Unified School District grow to allow programs in all of the now 11 high schools in some capacity.   Becky Hobgood was involved in  professional organizations in many capacities.  CAHPERD  (VP OF DANCE 97-98) CDEA  NDEA  Participated in THIS workshop “ Dance and Movement” since 97-98 as participant; faculty; and director (2008) 

Hobgoods decision to retire in May of 2016 was one of the hardest decisions of her life thus far…   But after facing some extreme personal loses in Fall 0f 2015 and much sole searching…. It was her time to pass on the torch…. And start her new journey of self exploration; much yoga; and time with family,  home, and dogs.     The most glorious part thus far has been the opportunity to travel!!!, and a new sense of freedom. 

Becky’s new passion is Yoga;  She has been practicing for 10 years; and has participated in many trainings.

Before retiring Hobgood had incorporated Yoga into her dance classes as well as providing opportunities for her schools faculty to practice .    Since retiring she has had the opportunity to return to her high School for Yoga Master class sessions; provided yoga training to the top state ranked men's basketball team, and returned once a month to guide faculty yoga sessions. Opportunities to instruct CAHPERD conference sessions, workshops, etc.    Becky Hobgoods  practice is  most frequently in Power Vinyasa Flow; along with a newly introduced style entitled “Breathless Yoga”   

Her personal philosophy is that Yoga is for everyone….  That through the practice of asanas, breathwork, challenges, and savasana, we can find a path inward; a path that can help us heal, become stronger, more open….  A path to bring  love...compassion..and kindness… into our life & into the world around us. 

During our sessions together Becky Hobgood will provide a Vinyasa Flow Practice that can be used with your dance classes and your personal practice;   She will introduce ways in which to bring in meditation and intention that help bring meaning and focus into to the practice.


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