Cathy Connors

Dr Cathy Connors loves yoga and has dedicated her life to sharing this powerful practice with others. She started her career as a psychologist and began her spiritual journey in her early 20’s. But it wasn’t until 2009 that she started teaching yoga and the practice “took over her life”. She took multiple vinyasa teacher trainings, opened a studio, and based on an “intuitive hit” traveled to India in 2014 for a kundalini teacher training with Kia Miller. It was there that she the first locked eyes with Master teacher Anand Mehrotra - tears filled her eyes and she knew she was home. Since that first visit she has traveled back to India 6 additional times to study the powerful practices of Sattva Yoga.

Her greatest joy is to teach. She loves combining the freedom of Vinyasa Flow with the power and grace of the Sattva Yoga Kriyas. She never quite knows what will arise when she teaches, but she trusts in the beauty of the moment, knowing it will be authentic, raw, connected, and full of grace.

She also loves creating community so when the name “Awake Yoga and Meditation Sanctuary” dropped into her mind during a meditation last year she knew without a doubt that it was her dharma to open AWAKE. She hopes that when you walk in the doors you feel welcomed, supported, uplifted, empowered and at home.

Anything is possible! For all of us! All you have to do is take the first step….

For more on Dr. Cathy Connors, Psy.D, 500 hr EYRT trainings, retreats or private yoga/meditaion/life transformations contact her directly by clicking here or visit her website.

Cathy Connors
Padma Diamond

Padma Diamond, M.A., NCBTMB, Somatic Educator

Padma specializes in integrating the MInd/Body through her work as a Somatic/Depth Psychologist and as a Yogini through Kundalini Yoga. Fundamentally trained as a Bodyworker; she fuses asana, kriya,  pranayama and mantra to move the Energy that gets blocked in the Body. Her personal daily practice with Meditation, Movement, and Breath informs her teaching and ability to connect authentically with her students and clients. She is inspired by her Spiritual teacher Mata Amritanandamayi, known as the beloved AMMA.  

Padma’s classes are held with deep awareness and grounding, providing a safe place for those looking to explore edges of Self. Her classes are crafted with the consciousness of Trauma Informed language and behavior. All abilities, genders, ethnicities...ALL Humans…. are welcomed in her classes.

Cathy Connors

Bajrang, a Sattva Yoga and Master Meditation Teacher, has been on the yogic path for many lifetimes.  Bajrang (Hanuman) is a spiritual name given by his guru.  In this lifetime, he reawakened to yoga over ten years ago. 

His first teacher training workshop, with Jonny Kest in 2009, fueled his desire to go deeper in discovering his true self.  For his 200 hour YT training he studied with Master teacher Cathy Connors founder of Awake Yoga Studio, and began his training in the Sattva teachings.

Bajrang has studied extensively with his guru Anand Mehrotra at the Sattva Yoga Academy in Rishikesh, India, where he completed his 300 hour YT, Master YACEP Teacher Trainings as Initiator to Advanced Sattva Meditation and Initiator to the Dasha Mahavidyas, and Warrior of Wisdom course.

In 2018, on a motorcycle pilgrimage into the Himalayas with his guru and fellow yogis, he journeyed across many of the highest motor-able roads in the world, meditating and practicing at ancient monasteries, temples and sacred spaces in Northern India.  This Sat Chit Ananda experience in his evolution deepened his devotion to sharing the wisdom of the Sattva practice with others. 

In transcending from a karmic (conditioned) life to a dharmic (evolutionary action) life, he shares with prospective students the only mistakes you can make in yoga is not starting and not going all the way!

Cathy Connors
Allie Rae

Dedicated to this ever evolving practice, Allie Rae is a passionate yogini. Allie teaches Rasa Yoga~ a Bhakti Fusion of Mantra, Mudra, Meditation, Asana, Skillful Biomechanics, Pranayama and Earth Prayer created and founded by Sianna Sherman. Allie’s classes are unique, dynamic and are held inside teachings of the heart. She captures the essence of foundation and our connection to the Earth, moving from posture to posture with a light-hearted and playful approach. For Allie, the practice of Yoga asana is a Sacred Embodiment, a living moving Prayer from which we can explore the connection to our bodies and truly feel into our present experience. Allie is currently an Apprentice of Sianna Sherman with whom she travels the globe assisting at trainings, festivals, retreats & workshops. She holds 100’s of contact hours inside the field of Apprenticeship with an International Master Yoga Teacher also known widely as a “Teacher of Teachers.”

Allie graduated from California State University, Sacramento with a B.S. in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Exercise Science. She also has studied at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As a Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Allie works with women to be the best version of themselves by encouraging greater food love, body love and self-love. As an Essential Oil Educator, Allie guides individuals to upgrade the health of themselves and their home by incorporating these botanical beauties.

When she’s not on the yoga mat, Allie enjoys traveling, basking in nature, appreciating nourishing foods and spending time with her beloved Derek and their 3 kitties.

Allie leads local + international Retreats, Workshops and Co-facilitates trainings ~

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Cathy Connors
Sukhbir Kaur Collins

Sukhbir was introduced to Kundalini yoga in 1997 as an aid to help her with panic and anxiety. She found out through a six week series that it had a significant impact on her overall mental health and well being. So convinced of it’s effect she decided to dedicate herself to a teacher training and a trek through Nepal. In 2000 she was certified to become a teacher and since then has owned the first yoga studio in midtown, gone through 2500 hours of training, and recently landed here in El Dorado Hills.

She is excited to bring Kundalini Yoga and it’s powerful results into El Dorado Hills where she knows it can help stabilize people’s nervous systems, introduce proper breathing techniques and help people to feel more comfortable in their own skin.
Sukhbir brings humor and a love for mantra into her teachings. Aside from Yoga, she enjoys owning a restaurant, quality time with her hubby, helping to raise three kids, Bruce Springsteen, animals (especially DOGS), and taking long walks in nature.

Cathy Connors
Robert Wenzler

Yoga has changed my entire life. It has spread its beautiful sunshine into every cell of my body. Helped me re-connect to my soul. My breath. My heart. Yoga is where I found true love, my soulmate, my wife. Yoga has connected me to so many wonderful people all around the world. Yoga has led me to teaching. A passion I do not take lightly. I try to live by example. I try to live each day with an open heart and a big smile. I am far from perfect but yoga has taught me that this life is a practice, and when you fall down,you dust yourself off and get back up. 

Yoga has led me to kirtan. Chanting the names. The vibrational sounds of the Universe. It is my true calling in this life. I am so excited to share this with each one of you. 

Yoga has brought me back home- All that I have ever done,every experienced, every joy, every set back has led me to this very moment. 

Most importantly, yoga has brought me to you. For this, I am so truly grateful. 

Cathy Connors
Rachael Weiner

My journey into yoga began in 2009 after the birth of my second child. I had always been physically active, but needed to move much more than my physical body. My practice quickly evolved from a physical expression, to a whole body experience. Yoga became the avenue for me to reconnect to myself after many years of living on the surface of my life. My personal practice led me into a 200 hour power vinyasa teacher training with Cathy Connors and Corey Mitchell.

In 2015, every piece of my life came crashing down around me. This experience broke me wide open, and forced me to take an honest look at myself. Where I had been, and where I was headed. Yoga and eventually meditation, became my most powerful tools to heal myself from the inside out.

I am grateful to be surrounded by teachers who inspire me, and students who continue to show up, dig deep, and explore the uncomfortable pieces of life. Together we move, we breath, we feel.

In addition to teaching, I love being outdoors paddleboarding or hiking with my two boys. I try to see the beauty and lesson in even the darkest moments, and surrender to the things I have no control over. Every day is an opportunity to live your truth. That is the yoga!

Cathy Connors
Justina Lambert
Justina Lambert.jpg

What began as an outlet for stress and an alternative for physical fitness, quickly grew into a passion that continues to influence my life in many positive ways. Yoga has had a profound impact on my overall mindset, enhancing gratitude, self awareness and being present in life. My journey led me to study Sattva Yoga under Cathy Conners and Yin under the guidance of James Kapicka. I am devoted to continuous learning and expanding my studies.

I offer a mix of asana, kriya, pranayama and mantra. I love opening up opportunity for others to move and play in a way that is calling to them. This and meditation have all been apart of a healing path for me. I am a wife, a mom of two girls, and a full-time working girl. I am passionate about sharing yoga, creating space for others, and connecting with community. Let us both challenge and inspire one another!

Cathy Connors
Stephanie Weyer

I started attending Power Vinyasa Yoga classes about three years ago. I fell in love with yoga and the way it made me feel. I dove into Teacher Training six months later and had no idea what to expect. I knew it was going to be a physical push, but I didn’t know it was going to be a spiritual awakening. Yoga started in the studio for me and now I find yoga everywhere in my life. Yoga is the way I taste, see, hear, feel, and smell (especially after a good class, ha!!). I love the yoga community and I love teaching and spreading joy and acceptance. I’m excited to meet the Awake community! Namaste

Cathy Connors
Amy Everhart

I started taking yoga classes when I was going to Chico State in 2003 .  I took the classes to get some exercise and also before my biology & chemistry classes. The classes helped me feel more relaxed and focused.  I have continued to practice yoga over the last several years, but not on a consistent basis.  I have always wanted to become a teacher but it seemed as if life was always getting in the way.  After I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Biology from Chico State, I transferred to University of the Pacific and received a degree in Dental Hygiene.  I am currently a part-time dental hygienist.  I have two little boys, 6 and 3 and they are my pride and joy.  They are very busy and keep me on my toes, but make me laugh every single day!  Now that they have gotten older I decided to do a Yoga Teacher Training with Cathy and it has transformed my life.  Becoming apart of this yoga community has been so amazing and the healing that I have received from the teacher training has been life changing.  I am so excited to be teaching at Awake and can’t wait to share all that I have learned and hope that I can also create amazing experiences for the students that come to the Awake Studio! 

Cathy Connors
Alicia Kortas

My yoga journey began in the Summer of 2009 after attending my first class at Moksha Yoga Studio in Chicago, IL. I fell in love with every aspect of yoga and found my body, mind and soul craving it when I was away form the studio. 

In the Fall of 2012, three days after giving birth to my son, I graduated (with over 600 hours) Moksha Yoga Teacher Program under the guidance of Darien Friesen. Through the year long training process I was fortunate enough to study with such Master Teachers as Aadil Palkhivala, Kathyrn Budig, Saul David Raye, Leeann Carey, Gabriel Halpern and many others.

In 2013, I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and began to look to yoga therapy to help ease my symptoms and nurse my body,mind and soul back to health. In these recent years through my own illness, yoga, meditation, sound healing and Shamanic Apprenticeship I have found my true calling to hold a safe space for others as they explore and heal all aspects of their being. 

In my classes you will find a very nurturing energy that allows students to gently work deeper within the body, mind and spirit to collectively begin to heal and elevate. My hope is to give my students a set of techniques and tools they may use in and out of the studio to achieve optimal health and self care routines. I look forward to meeting you and hearing your story. 

"Your purpose is hidden within your wounds."

Cathy Connors
Malinda Stumbos

Yogini, traveler, and healer; Malinda Stumbos has a passion for connecting and helping others. She began her yoga path in 2010 at the young age of 17 and has been exploring all aspects of the practice ever sense. She has completed Zuda Yoga’s 200 hour Teacher Training, as well as Baptiste Institute’s Level One and Level Two Teacher Trainings. Malinda teaches both Vinyasa inspired flows and Yin for deep opening. No matter what type of class she will challenge you both mentally and physically to step outside of your comfort zone to explore, discover, and grow. In May 2018, she completed her B.S. in Kinesiology at CSU Sacramento where she expanded her knowledge in the human body and body mechanics. Malinda utilizes her degree in her classes by teaching alignment for each students body in order for her students to really own their pose. Her passion is teach students how to utilize their body as a gift and a way for them to heal.

Malinda is a passionate athlete, swimming and golfing since childhood. Into adulthood, she has coached swim for the last 4 years, both for teams and private students. Coaching for competitive and recreational swim teams inspired Malinda to introduce and teach youth and teenage athletes to the healing benefits of yoga and meditation. Malinda ultimately teaches youth athletes how to connect their breath with their body and exercise their mind-body connection in a different way.

Cathy Connors
Gina Sandigo

My yoga journey started after a running injury and wanted to heal my body. After my first vinyasa class I was hooked. Because I loved yoga so much, I signed up for an assisting workshop.
I assisted two times a week for three years. My body healed, but more importantly the reflection of myself. I was seeing things differently patience was showing up, grace that was not there shined through like the sun after a storm. Before yoga I thought my life was fine—my faith my relationship with God, but I was wrong. I wasn’t participating with all of me, I was just getting it done, everything. My practice became a prayer an offering of surrender. I welcomed child’s pose as often as a needed, which symbolized submission to my strong-willed spirit. I eventually signed up for TT and my journey completely changed. It wasn’t the asana that changed me it was meditation, things became so clear for me. I struggled with stillness at first, but then with practice & lots grace, my heart and spirit opened—flourishing into the real ME.

I knew that I wanted to share hope, teach, inspire, create space and personal growth for others to return HOME to what is real. To participate in a beautiful journey so we leave behind a legacy for others.

My wish:

Cathy Connors
Shelby Everest
Shelby Everest.jpg

Shelby has been practicing yoga throughout the Sacramento and El Dorado Hills areas since 2016. She has earned her 200 Registered Yoga Training, 95 hour Children's Yoga Training and 25 hour Assistant Yoga Training. Shelby currently teaches our Kids Yoga and Family Yoga classes. Shelby also teaches Kids Yoga at Lakeview Elementary School in El Dorado Hills and Rancho Cordova Parks & Rec. Shelby has a positive and energetic energy that kids of all ages love to be around. She will make your little ones feel comfortable and excited about taking another yoga class. 

Cathy Connors
Julia Piazza

Julia began working as a volunteer labor and birth doula in 2002 at Sutter Davis Birthing Center. After years of supporting women and practicing various forms of yoga, Julia completed her International Doula Certification through Doulas of North America (DONA), a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training and an 85-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Prenatal Teacher Training. Since then, Julia has earned the designation of E-RYT 200 Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. Her doula work, combined with her love of yoga and appreciation of motherhood, led to the creation of her new book Birth Wisdom Yoga Remedies and JournalTM. While supporting women and their partners through her doula work, Julia noticed universal truths, common “pearls of wisdom” that women discover in labor and childbirth. These epiphanies seemed to connect new mothers with the power and strength needed for mothering and for feeling empowered as a woman. Julia has worked with hundreds of women and families through various Birth Wisdom Yoga Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga Classes, Birth Partner Workshops, and Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings. Studying, researching and sharing Pelvic Floor Yoga Remedy Retreats and also leading Prenatal Yoga Teacher Trainings are her current passions. She currently lives with her husband and three children in Folsom, California, where they enjoy hiking, kayaking, cycling, gardening and ice-skating.


Cathy Connors
Gloria Rodiguez

Gloria began her yoga practice at home trying to learn new poses by watching youtube videos and eventually started going to studios to build a more structured practice and get to know others in her community who shared her passion. She earned her 200 hour RYT through Cathy Connors and her 30 hour Prenatal RYT through Julia Piazza. She is excited to share & inspire others in this yoga practice she loves so much!

1. Favorite Yoga Pose = Gomukhasana & Blooming lotus Kriya

2. Favorite Food = any Vietnamese food

3. “Guilty” Pleasure = Salted caramel raspberry cookies

4. Favorite spot in EDH = Cameron Park Lake

Cathy Connors
Becky Hobgood

Becky Hobgood is a newly retired dance Educator of 34 years…from Elk Grove Unified School District.   A person who was blessed with the opportunity to” Love what I do...Do what I love…” to live and share her passion; and to watch dance provide the spark for passion, drive, determination, with in her students that allowed them to go out into this world and find their place; and help make this world be a little brighter.   


During her career;  she was able to start dance programs In two different high schools; watch Elk Grove Unified School District grow to allow programs in all of the now 11 high schools in some capacity.   Becky Hobgood was involved in  professional organizations in many capacities.  CAHPERD  (VP OF DANCE 97-98) CDEA  NDEA  Participated in THIS workshop “ Dance and Movement” since 97-98 as participant; faculty; and director (2008) 


Hobgoods decision to retire in May of 2016 was one of the hardest decisions of her life thus far…   But after facing some extreme personal loses in Fall 0f 2015 and much sole searching…. It was her time to pass on the torch…. And start her new journey of self exploration; much yoga; and time with family,  home, and dogs.     The most glorious part thus far has been the opportunity to travel!!!, and a new sense of freedom. 


Becky’s new passion is Yoga;  She has been practicing for 10 years; and has participated in many trainings.

Before retiring Hobgood had incorporated Yoga into her dance classes as well as providing opportunities for her schools faculty to practice .    Since retiring she has had the opportunity to return to her high School for Yoga Master class sessions; provided yoga training to the top state ranked men's basketball team, and returned once a month to guide faculty yoga sessions. Opportunities to instruct CAHPERD conference sessions, workshops, etc.    Becky Hobgoods  practice is  most frequently in Power Vinyasa Flow; along with a newly introduced style entitled “Breathless Yoga”   


Her personal philosophy is that Yoga is for everyone….  That through the practice of asanas, breathwork, challenges, and savasana, we can find a path inward; a path that can help us heal, become stronger, more open….  A path to bring  love...compassion..and kindness… into our life & into the world around us. 


During our sessions together Becky Hobgood will provide a Vinyasa Flow Practice that can be used with your dance classes and your personal practice;   She will introduce ways in which to bring in meditation and intention that help bring meaning and focus into to the practice.


Cathy Connors