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100 Hour Teacher Training

Are you ready to take your practice and teaching to the next level? 

If so, join Cathy Connors and the AWAKE teaching team this fall for a 100 hour training. 

Module 1: Subtle Body & Pranayama

You will learn:

Pranayama (breath) techniques

Kriya Breath techniques (standing and seated practices)

How the nervous system and brain are impacted with Pranayama and how this impacts overall health

How to incorporate pranayama into teaching to take your students deeper into themselves and their practice

How to incorporate breath into your daily life to shift mind, body & energy

Trauma informed teaching

You will understand when not to teach certain techniques with certain populations

Module 2: Himalayan Sattva Kriya part 1

You will learn:

What Kriya is

Where Kriya originates

How it impacts the body, mind, and subtle body

How to integrate kriya into your life to stabilize your energy, expand your consciousness, awaken your truth

You will learn 20 kriyas and 4-6 kriya sets for 21 or 40 day Sadhanas

*Sets will include one for empowerment, bliss, intuition & brain health

Module 3: Kriya part 2

You will learn:

Gain a deeper understanding of kriya and learn additional sets

How to integrate kriya into your life to stabilize your energy, expand your consciousness, and awaken your truth

Incorporating Kriya into your teaching and life

Kriya sets for privates and personal practice (can use for 21 or 40 day sadhanas)

Module 4: Dynamic Presence as a teacher & Yoga off the Mat

You will learn:

Understand and embrace who you are as a teacher and teach from that space with confidence.

Find the courage to teach from vulnerability to increase connection with students.

Practice teach and receive feedback in a way that is meant to elevate your teaching

Theming and sequencing

How to teach from being fully in moment with your students-how to read the energy of the space and release the “plan”

Personal practice and meditation and the impact on teaching (*this is key in teaching)

Living your daily yoga off the mat

Dive deep into yourself, your practice and your dynamic presence this Fall. 


August 9th-11th, 2019

August 23rd-25th, 2019

September 13th-15th, 2019

September 27th-29th, 2019


Friday: 12-8

Saturday: 7-4

Sunday: 8-4


All modules:

After July 1st- $1595

Early-bird and AWAKE Members: $1395

Individual Modules:

After July 1st- $450

Early-bird and AWAKE Members- $395

**Past 200 hour Awake TT students receive 20% off modules & 15% off 100 hour (call studio to sign up)

Discounts during Training:

50% off membership & class passes

15% off retail

Ready for a 300 HR Teacher Training?

Join the 200 hour program in January (the 300 hour group will have different  projects than the 200 hour group but the program will be on most of the same weekends with 2 additional weekends in October and November- weekends TBA) 

Additional Weekends:

You will learn:

Subtle Body Anatomy

Physical Anatomy

Pranayama, Mantra & Kriya Techniques

Meditaiton techniques

Sound healing

Advanced sequencing

Reading energy and teaching to the space

How to teach privates, workshops & retreats


After July 1st $3950

Early-bird and AWAKE Members $3500

CE hours: Each Module counts for 25 Yoga Alliance CE hours.

Requirements: Must have a 200 HR Certificate prior to joining 300 HR Teacher Training.

Students may join the Pranayama and Kriya modules (a 200 hour RYT isn’t required).

The 200 and 300 hour programs are approved by yoga alliance.

Earlier Event: July 26
Yin Weekend: 3 Days of Surrender
Later Event: January 23
200-Hour Teacher Training 2020