Specialty & Seasonal Classes



6:00P- 7:15P

Freedom Dance FloW: Every Second Friday of the month

With Becky Hobgood

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul” Martha Graham. Awake to your joy and set yourself free through dance, yoga, music, play and community!

*Donations Welcome*


Sound Bath: Every Third Friday of the Month

With Alicia Kortas or Heather Willis

Align to the healing power of vibrational sound healing.

In this one hour healing sound bath you’ll be gently guided into a deeply restorative meditation that will soothe the physical body while slowing the brainwaves and activity. Once deeply rooted in a calm laying meditation allow the vibrations of sound healing Quartz Crystal singing bowls wash over you, calming the nervous system and cleansing the chakra system.

This is a wonderfully power healing therapy appropriate for all ages. Comfy clothes and additional personal props such as special blankets and fuzzy socks are recommended to aide in creating your most comfortable, blissful experience.

Align with healing, align with your true essence.



SATSANGS: Every First Sunday of the month

With Cathy Connors and AWAKE staff

Once a month we will come together as a community to discuss yoga philosophy, ask questions and talk about how to integrate these yogic practices into our modern, everyday lives.  This is a free offering.


Prenatal yoga: Monday’s at 9:15A to 10:15A

With Gloria Rodriguez

Learn how to keep your body and baby safe during pregnancy. These classes are an opportunity to come together as women to support one another and share as you move through your pregnancy and motherhood.