With Yogi Bajrang


Sattva Jyotish (vedic astrology) is the spiritual science of light. The purpose of offering this supreme wisdom is to help you evolve in living a happy and successful life.

Your Sattva Jyotish reading with Yogi Bajrang will include preparation of your life chart (the cosmic seed event of your birth in time), a private reading of this chart to help you understand your true self and why your life has unfolded in the manner you have experienced.

Yogi Bajrang will also share yog-vedantic technologies including personalized practices, techniques and gemstone recommendations which will support your transformation from a karmic life to a dharmic life of evolutionary action.

Yogi Bajrang was trained as a Sattva Master Yoga Teacher and Jyoti in Rishikesh, India (the birthplace of yoga) by Anand Mehrotra, the world’s leading master of his generation. .Sattva Jyotish readings are powerful, life transformative opportunities available for those seeking answers to life’s most challenging questions.

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