The Awake Life is about living your life connected, inspired and alive.

These are really easy words to say, but to embody them it takes practice. The purpose of the online teachings are to support you in following through on the changes you want to make in your life. A daily practice supports that!

Our online studio is a collection of 20-30 minute Himalayan Kriya practices. These practices are repetitive breath, mantra and/or movements in the body which create a certain energetic shift. When practiced consistently kriya refines the nervous system and rewires the brain, thereby making it easier to shift conditioned patterns that aren’t serving you - and aligning to new, more elevating patterns.

Kriya is a very healing practice and is a great way to drop into silent meditation and a great addition to an in studio yoga practice and other healing modalities such as therapy.

Living a life that is in alignment with who you want to be is possible! Commit to your practice today by joining us online and witness the change in you!

Online practices COMING SOON!!!

In the meantime check out this video: a kriya set to align to a state of Bliss.