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Module 2: Sattva Himalayan Kundalini Kriya Part 1

Kriya and Breath heal the nervous system, the brain, and expand consciousness.

What is a Kriya?

Kriya is a repetitive breath, mantra, or movement aimed at creating a specific impact. There are thousands of Kriya’s for a variety of purposes: for example there are kriyas to increase focus, expand consciousness, and to connect to a state of empowerment or peace..

What is so exciting about Kriya is that is has “real life” results. When you practice consistently you can impact issues people struggle with like anxiety, depression, addiction and trauma. There are now research studies that support the impact of these yogic practices.

The Kriya’s that Dr. Cathy Connors, PsyD will teach in this training come from the Sattva Himalayan Yoga Vedantic Tradition. She has traveled to India multiple times to study and has spent the last 5 years incorporaating these practices into her vinyasa classes, pirvate sessions and her life. She has found adding these yogic techniques to be the most transformative practices she has ever done whcih is why she is so passionate about sharing them.

*Counts toward Your 300 Hr RYT or 20 CEs


You will learn:

What Kriya is

Where Kriya originates

How it impacts the body, mind, and subtle body

How to integrate kriya into your life to stabilize your energy, expand your consciousness, awaken your truth

You will learn 20 kriyas and 4-6 kriya sets for 21 or 40 day Sadhanas

*Sets will include one for empowerment, bliss, intuition & brain health

Dates: August 23rd thru 25th


Friday: 5-8

Saturday: 7:30-4

Sunday: 8-4


$395 (AWAKE members $350)

**Past 200 hour Awake TT students receive 15% off modules