Founder Dr. Cathy Connors (Spiritual name: Anjali Love) is a psychologist and yogini who was inspired to open AWAKE after the name dropped into her mind during a meditation in 2018 after two very challenging years when she felt that everything she had created for herself was destroyed.

Her yoga practice carried her through during these difficult years, but in a very different way - the way she used to teach and practice (power vinyasa yoga) was no longer working any longer. After spending time in India with her teacher Anand Mehrotra she was exposed to a more nourishing practice: Sattva Yoga. This practice made her feel alive, inspired and connected to expanded states of consciousness, she then knew that her dharma to share these teachings.

She began sharing the practices with her students, clients and teacher training groups. The practice of Kriya was the thing that she found to be the most impactful. She learned that these practices impacted the nervous system, the brain and the mind. We actually have the ability to produce neurotransmitters such as serotonin in our brain with these practices (Anti-depressant medication targets increasing serotonin levels in the brain).

Her inspiration for AWAKE is to teach these transformative practices with as many as possible. By changing the brain patterning, transformation will happen!

More about Cathy "Anjali Love" on her website