Why a name change?

Words carry energy, names carry energy and it was time for a shift!

My spiritual name, Anjali, came to me a few years ago in a meditation. I rarely hear words when I meditate, but this word came through LOUD & CLEAR. There was no doubt in my mind. 

When I looked up the name the first meaning I saw was: divine offering - It fit like a glove.

I wasn’t quite ready to take it on yet…I wasn’t ready…..until NOW!

The full name came through while I was in India this last time….Anjali Love. 

This name embodies more love, devotion, joy and stepping into my deserving power more fully. 

I deserve love, I deserve joy, I deserve abundance and I deserve to experience partnership and support. 

And you do too!!!!

Anything is possible for you….You create your own reality…and You are loved!

I knew these words in my head, but I am just beginning to embody them on a heart and soul level. And it is my practice that has brought me to this place. 

That is why I am so passionate about sharing with you!

Sending love and have a beautiful day. xo, Anjali