The Practices of Yoga and the Benefits

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Yoga Asana: Postures in the body


  • improves flexibility

  • improves strength

  • improves balance

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • reduces symptoms of lower back pain

  • increases energy

  • decreases fatigue

  • increases stamina

  • increases stability and groundedness

MEDITATION: Attending to one's inner self


  • reduces stress, tension and restless thought patterns

  • decreases worry and anxiety

  • improves mood

  • increases self-awareness

  • improves attention span

  • increases kindness

  • can help with struggling addiction

  • improves sleep

  • lessens reactivity in situations

Pranayama: regulation of breath through various techniques


  • brings oxygen to the brain, spine and nerves which improves overall health of the body

  • calms and balances nervous system

  • releases toxins from body and aids digestion

  • increases focus

  • calms mind

  • expands lung capacity

  • increases relaxation

  • increases vitality and energy

  • reduces anxiety and depression

  • increases awareness to the subtle body - energy body

Kriya: kriya means action that is evolutionary. in yoga they are repetitive movements, mantra and breath practices that impact your being on the level of the mind, body and energy.


  • releases stuck energy

  • awakens dormant energy

  • rewires brain

  • resets nervous system

  • shifts limiting thoughts

  • balances subtle body

  • creates a sense of stillness

  • awakens intuition

Mantra: sound vibration


  • increases connection to one's heart

  • focuses mind

  • decreases stress

  • increases endorphins

  • balances the brain

  • creates healing bridge between mind and heart

  • increases awareness

MUDRA: "Seal" or "gesture" that guides energy flow in the body and creates energetic seals


  • connects us to the 5 elements: earth, fire, air, water, ether

  • improves immune system

  • assists with emotional state

  • promotes mental clarity

  • helps to raise energy when fatigued

  • promotes courage and fearlessness

  • calls us home into harmony

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